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Lady Chatterley's Lover

No idea what to make of FG5 (D.H. Lawrence -- Lady Chatterley’s Lover). Why FG? Is it the first Grove paperback of the title after the censorship trial? But why 5?   


Evidently Grove and Dell had a distribution deal (similar to Dell and Random House later?) They have a 4-digit Dell serial number. Not sure how all that worked out. Tough to tell whether they had Dell’s name on them or just on the copyright page and v.v. 

Wisdom of the East

Looks like this paperback series was based on an earlier cloth series from a publisher called Transatlantic Arts, begun in 1943. See PW, July 21, 1958, at 55. Evidently, Grove did (or intended to?) publish all 55 (?) titles in the series in cloth as well, according to Ad, PW, Jan. 26, 1959, at 53. But see PW, July 15, 1963, at 67, which claims Grove was simply the American distributor for the series as published by John Murray, Ltd., of London. Either way, it looks like only 5 Wisdom of the East titles were published by Grove, starting in early 1961 (see PW, Nov. 28, 1960, at 21.)