Random House Studies

The Random House Studies series were produced by the publisher's College Department and marketed to the classroom audience. Random House had taken over publication of three series from Doubleday in 1956 (Papers in Psychology, Short Studies in Political Science, and Short Studies in Sociology), rebranding them as Random House series and republishing many of the earlier titles (see Random House Acquires Doubleday's Textbook Dept., 168 PW 1553 (Oct. 1, 1955)). Random also significantly increased the number of these "studies" series.


Original paperbacks, they are widely adopted as supplements to texts whenever the larger books lack depth or detail, and as special reading assignments when the text omits important developments or significant aspects of the subject. Studies are also used as the core reading list by instructors who choose to do without a text.

Each series of Random House Studies has its own page: