Universal Library

Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap

Years: 1956-1972

Related Series: Universal Reference Library

18 CEA Critic 4 (Sept. 1956)

Paperback reprint series initiated in 1956, using the same series title as a prior Grosset & Dunlap hardcover reprint series (see Universal Library at Series of Series.) A select number of the 26 titles from the earlier hardcover Universal Library series were published in this paperback series, but many others had already previously been published by Grosset & Dunlap as well.

[Cite to German article on quality paperbacks trashing the Universal Library as inferior in quality.]

Not much else has been written about this series, as it doesn't appear in Madison's Book Publishing in America (1966) or Tebbel's History of Book Publishing in America.

G&D "Universal Library" Reprints Set for September, 169 Publishers Weekly 2130 (May 21, 1956).

Universal Library