Dodd, Mead


1989 - Metro Services, Inc., Dodd, Mead and Company's fulfillment house, refuses to accept or ship any Dodd, Mead book orders while awaiting the outcome of arbitration against the publisher in New York City; Dodd, Mead's principal manufacturer, Maple-Vail Book Manufacturing, brings suit against Dodd, Mead on a lien and outstanding claims of six-figure indebtedness less than $200,000; both actions lead Dodd, Mead to cut final royalties checks for authors of 7 cents per dollar and suspend operations for good (Dodd, Mead's Future Unclear; New York Office Closes, PW, Dec. 23, 1988, at 19; Calvin Reid, Dodd, Mead Operations Suspended Over Arbitration, PW, Mar. 31, 1989, at 11).

1988 - after incurring large amount of debt in the purchase of Dodd, Mead and Company, Jon B. Harden and Lynne A. Lumsden, partners with 52% controlling interest in Dodd, Mead, return stock back to the company, allowing Jerome B. Grossman, chairman of Dodd, Mead and member of a group that now has a controlling interest in the firm, to sell assets to reduce the company's indebtedness: the Putnam Berkley Group purchases the rights to the works of Agatha Christie and Max Brand, as well as Dodd, Mead's children's books list (Dodd, Mead Sells Christie Rights, Juvenile List to Putnam Group, PW, May 13, 1988, at 120; Notice, PW, May 27, 1988, at 6 (alerting the trade of its acquisition of certain publishing rights and inventory of Dodd, Mead); Jonathan Dodd Is Dodd, Mead President, PW, June 3, 1988, at 19-20).

1986 - Jon B. Harden, corporate financial consultant to Dodd, Mead, and Lynne A. Lumsden, Dodd, Mead's executive vice-president and publisher, form the partnership Gamut Publishing Company in order to acquire Dodd, Mead and Company from its owner, Thomas Nelson, Inc., which they do on May 1, 1986, providing an opportunity for Dodd, Mead employees to participate in the ownership of the country (Thomas Nelson Plans to Sell Dodd, Mead to Its Management, PW, Jan. 17, 1986, at 14; Lynne Lumsden, PW, May 23, 1986, at 24).

1981 - Thomas Nelson Publishers, religious book publisher based in Nashville, acquires Dodd, Mead and Company, Inc., as a subsidiary in April 1981 (Madalynne Reuter, Nelson, Bible Publisher, to Acquire Dodd, Mead, PW, Jan. 2, 1982, at 12; John F. Baker, Nelson Buys Everest House; To Be Dodd, Mead Imprint, PW, Nov. 19, 1982, at 17 & 28, 17).

1934 - Dodd, Mead and Company acquires Duffield & Green, effective Apr. 1, 1934 (Dodd, Mead Buys Duffield and Green, PW, Mar. 31, 1934, at 1288) and the Sears Publishing Company in May 1934 (Sears Sold to Dodd, Mead, PW, May 26, 1934, at 1926).

1922-1926 - Dodd, Mead and Company acquires the American interests of the John Lane Company, Ltd., on Jan. 1, 1922 (Dodd Mead Takes Over Lane Business: The American Interest of English House Transferred, PW, Dec. 31, 1921, at 2047 ); Moffat, Yard & Company in early 1924 (Dodd, Mead Takes Over Moffat, Yard Business: The Second Recent Addition to the Old Established List, PW, Mar. 8, 1924, at 837); and Small, Maynard in 1926 (Sears Sold to Dodd, Mead, PW, May 26, 1934, at 1926).

1916 - Frank Dodd dies at age 72 on Jan. 10, 1916 (Obituary Notices: Frank Howard Dodd, PW, Jan. 15, 1916, at 152); the company incorporates as Dodd, Mead & Company, Inc., on Feb. 1, 1916, with Edward H. Dodd, as president (New York City, PW, Feb. 26, 1916, at 687).

1876 - Bleecker Van Wagenen becomes a member of Dodd and Mead, precipitating a name change to Dodd, Mead and Company (PW, Feb. 5, 1876, at 173) ("The copartnership of Dodd & Mead expired by limitation January 31st. The partners, Frank H. Dodd and Edward S. Mead, have associated with them Mr. Bleecker Van Wagenen, and will continue business in the style of Dodd, Mead & Co.")

1870 - Moses Woodruff Dodd retires and his son, Frank Dodd, assumes his interest in the company, partnering up with his cousin, Edward S. Mead, and reorganizing the company as Dodd and Mead (Dodd, Mead, 1839-1939, PW, Oct. 7, 1939, at 1426-1433, 1428).

1859 - Frank Howard Dodd joins his father, Moses Woodruff Dodd, in the business (Dodd, Mead, 1839-1939, PW, Oct. 7, 1939, at 1426-1433, 1427).

1840 - Moses Woodruff Dodd buys out Taylor's interest and renames the firm M.W. Dodd (Dodd, Mead, 1839-1939, PW, Oct. 7, 1939, at 1426-1433, 1426).

1839 - Moses Woodruff Dodd and John S. Taylor form Taylor and Dodd, a religious books publisher (Dodd, Mead, 1839-1939, PW, Oct. 7, 1939, at 1426-1433, 1426).


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