Meridian Giants

Publisher: The Noonday Press (1955-1956), Meridian Books (1956-1960), World Publishing Co. (1960-1963)

Years: 1955-1963

Related Series: Forum Books, Jewish Publication Society Series, Meridian Books, Meridian Fiction, Meridian Library, Living Age Books

More Information

Meridian Books, $1-$1.95, Planned by Noonday Press, 166 Publishers Weekly 177 (July 17, 1954) (mentioning that the Meridian Giants line of $1.95 over-sized paperbacks will be for "books over 500 pages in length.")

Arthur A. Cohen, The Oversize Paperbook: With Some Asides on Paperbooks in General, 169 PW 24-26 (Jan. 7, 1956) (discussing Meridian Giants briefly).