Anchor Natural History Library

The Natural History Library: New Anchor Book Series, PW, June 19, 1961, at 42-43.

Advertisement, 205 Scientific American 281 (Sept. 1961):

Doubleday Anchor Books

in cooperation with the

American Museum of Natural History

presents an important new paperback series . . . inexpensive, illustrated soft cover editions of distinguished and enduring books on the study of man and his world.


Ideal for students at all levels and for science-minded readers, The Natural History Library ranges widely through biology, anthropology, zoology, geology, astronomy and related life and earth sciences. The books, selected for the Series by a panel of Museum scientists, focus on man -- his origins, nature and environment -- and on the world around man, from sub-microscopic life to the universe at large. Many of the books are specially revised for this series; most of them include forewords written by Museum scientists, drawings, photographs, maps, diagrams, and indexes; prices range from 95¢ to $1.45.