Evergreen Records

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Grove Press, publishers of Evergreen Books' fine line of higher-priced paperbacks . . ., PW, Sept. 23, 1957, at 62.

GROVE PRESS. publishers of Evergreen Books' fine line of higher-priced paperbacks, is going into the record business on the side. The first release under the new Evergreen Record label is the “San Francisco Poets,” featuring the reading of twenty-four poems by ten modern San Francisco poets, including Allen Ginsberg, Robert Duncan, Michael McClure, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, James Broughton and Brother Antoninus. All the poems on the record are included in the new San Francisco edition of the quarterly Evergreen Review, (see page 58, this issue) Allen Ginsberg’s much-discussed poem, “Howl,” is one of those on the disc. Release date for the “San Francisco Poets” record was September 8. Like all the other Evergreen Records to come, this first one is a 33 1/3 RPM, unbreakable 12-inch recording and will retail at a list price of $5.95. Evergreen Records will certainly be promoted through bookstores as well as record shops and booksellers may order them directly from Grove Press at the regular book discount. Future Evergreen Records will include poetry, drama and music.