Living Age Books

Publisher: Meridian Books (1956-1960), World Publishing Co. (1960-1965)

Years: 1956-1965

Related Series: Jewish Publication Society Series, Meridian Books, Meridian Fiction, Meridian Giants, Meridian Library

More Information

Meridian Announces New Paperback Religious Series, PW, Jan. 7, 1956, at 34.

Progress and Problems in Religious Paperback Publishing, Publishers Weekly, June 19, 1961, at 40:

There is a growing demand for many kinds of religious paperback books, but a sharply restricted demand for some others. There is an impressive expansion in religious paperback sales, outlets and title output, but this growth involves some difficult stresses and strains: rising costs, overcrowded racks, insufficient attention in the reviews.

These were a very few of the considerations raised in a four-man panel discussion, “Religious Paperbacks, Today and Tomorrow,” which was a feature of the recent annual meeting of the Religious Publishers Group, Cherry Hill Inn, Delaware Township, N.J., on May 16 (PW, May 29). The meeting preceded immediately the three-day annual conference of the American Book Publishers Council . . .

. . .

Certain trends, Mr. Cohen added, have emerged in his experience after four years of publishing Meridian’s Living Age Books. In the first place, works--particularly reprints--by theologians other than very famous ones fare as badly in paper as they would in cloth covers. Secondly, biblical theology seems to attract less and less interest. Thirdly, Living Age has found it possible to “do original publishing that is useful and profitable.” The largest producers of income in the series have been originals: for example, somewhat encyclopedic handbooks planned and commissioned by the publisher, and original works by well-known persons.