Addresses: 449 Fourth Avenue (1934-1936); 444 Fourth Avenue (1936-1941); 419 Fourth Avenue (1941-?)

2018 - Penguin Random House merges Random House Publishing Group with Crown Publishing Group, (precipitating the departure of group publisher Maya Mavjee) which now has three groups:

  • Crown Trade (Crown, Archetype, Broadway, Tim Duggan Books, Hogarth, and Three Rivers)

  • Illustrated and prescriptive nonfiction (Clarkson Potter, Harmony, Rodale, and Ten Speed)

  • Christian, business, and conservative books (Convergent, Currency, Forum, Image, Multnomah, and WaterBrook)

2010 - new Crown Publishing Group head Maya Mavjee restructures the group into distinct editorial divisions: general interest trade (Crown, Broadway Books), category/brand publishing (Crown Archetype, Harmony, Crown Business, Crown Forum), four-color and lifestyle (Clarkson Potter, Potter Craft Potter Style, Watson-Guptill, Monacelli Press, Ten Speed Press), trade paperbacks (Three Rivers Press, Broadway paperbacks), and religious (WaterBrook Multnomah, Doubleday Religion)

2009 - Bertelsmann splits off the nontrade units, including audio and information units, from the Crown Publishing Group in advance of new Crown publisher Maya Mavjee's arrival in December 2009

1988 - Random House purchases Crown Publishing Group, still privately owned by the Wartels, which includes the Outlet Book Company; the mail-order division Publishers Central Bureau; hardcover imprints Crown, Harmony Books, and Clarkson N. Potter, Inc.; the mass market paperback line Pageant Books; three book clubs, and a number of multimedia outlets, in August 1988

1940 - Crown enters into an agreement with reprint publishers to handle their reprint lines (including Macmillan's Imperial Editions, Harcourt's Harbrace Editions, the Modern Library Giants, Houghton Mifflin's Eagle Editions, Farrar & Rinehart's dollar books, and Simon & Schuster reprints) for mailing-piece promotions and newspaper advertising campaigns

1936 - Nat Wartels and Robert Simon found Crown Publishers, a subsidiary of the Outlet Book Company, developing it into a general trade house that published original works

1933 - Nat Wartels and Robert Simon, both employees of Greenberg, Publisher, found the Outlet Book Company, a wholesale remainder business, initially as a branch of Greenberg but later in 1934 as their own outfit after they purchase Outlet's stock and name


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