Temple Books

Publisher: Atheneum & Jewish Publication Society Series

Years: 1969-1973

Related Series: Jewish Publication Society Series

PW, Dec. 1, 1969, at 30:

Atheneum, in association with the Jewish Publication Society, has launched a new series of paperbacks, Temple Books. Atheneum introduced the series with ten works. Scheduled for the spring are six more titles: “Akiba: Scholar, Saint and Martyr” by Louis Finkelstein, $3.25; “Of Jewish Law and Lore” by Louis Ginzberg, $2.95; “Judaism and Modern Man” by Will Herberg, $2.95; “Studies in Judaism” by Solomon Schecter, $3.45; “Jewish Magic and Superstition” by Joshua Trachtenberg, $3.25 and “The Wild Goats of Ein Gedi” by Herbert Weiner, $2.95.