Schocken Texts in English Literature

Publisher: Schocken Books

Years: 1965

Related Series:

PW, Sept. 13, 1965, at 72:

Schocken English Text Series will concentrate on critically selected writings of great classical English writers. The first volumes of the paperback series are devoted to Francis Bacon, William Blake, Daniel Defoe and Thomas De Quincey. Publication is October 8.

Copy from the back cover of the Francis Bacon volume:

What constitutes an ideal English text for the student and the general reader? The volume should contain a substantial and representative selection from the author's work; it should have a solid introduction and sufficient notes to elucidate, but not to interfere with, the text; it should be edited by a scholar with a deep knowledge of his subject and the ability to communicate his enthusiasm; and it should bear a reasonable price.

Hard-cover library editions are also available.