Inner Sanctum Paper/Dollar Novels

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Years: 1930

Simon & Schuster announced the Inner Sanctum Paper Novels in the May 24, 1930, issue of Publishers Weekly, at pp. [6-7]. The ad copy noted that

We have thought over this plan for a number of years, and now instead of trying it out with a small section of our fiction list, we have decided to do the thing wholeheartedly or not at all. In the past a few spasmodic and half-hearted attempts have been made to bring out paper bound editions along with cloth bound editions of fiction. None has been successful, chiefly we believe because the paper editions have been the stepchildren of the cloth.

The series was listed at $1, and the initial slate of 8 titles was sub-divided into three groupings indicated by the color of the jacket (1) blue for serious fiction, (2) red for light fiction, and (3) green for detective and mystery fiction.

First Inner Sanctum $1 Novel Ready, PW, July 19, 1930, at 260 (announcing that the first Inner Sanctum Dollar Novel will be ready for the trade on July 14, 1930).

Inner Sanctum ad, PW, July 26, 1930, at 315 (noting that the July 19 PW article was in error about the release date, which should have been July 31, 1930).

Notice, PW, Mar. 5, 1932, at 1039 (announcing that Simon & Schuster will reprint "I Am Jonathan Scrivener," its most popular Inner Sanctum Dollar Novel, in a $2 cloth edition, as requested by booksellers and bookbuyers.)