Cinema World / Cinema One

Publisher: Doubleday (1968); Indiana University Press (1969-1971, 1983); Viking Press (1972-1974)

Years: 1968-1974, 1983

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Cinema World / Cinema One is a seemingly unique series in quality paperbacks -- it started at a major trade publisher, traveled to a university press, came back to a different major trade publisher, and then, in its dying throes, held on for one last title back at the same university press.

The series, though initially published in the US by Doubleday, was a product of a joint venture between the British Film Institute and Sight & Sound film magazine; thus, all titles were first published in London by Secker & Warburg. Doubleday obtained the American publishing rights and published the first 7 titles in 1968. Indiana University Press took over American publication in 1969, releasing 3 titles that year and 4 the following.

Viking took over in 1972, publishing a whopping 8 titles that year alone, and the final 4 Viking titles came out in 1974. Even as 2 additional titles were published in London in 1976, Viking had evidently had enough. Another title wouldn't be released in the US until 1983 (!) when IU Press (!!!), apparently back in the Cinema World game, published a final title.


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