Perennial Classics

ISBN format: 0-06-083xxx-c

P 3001 to P 3101. These are the paperback editions of the hardcover Harper Perennial Classics that used the prefix HP-6xxx (see

Forecast of Paperbacks: Literary Classics, PW, Aug. 9, 1965, at 60-61:


PERENNIAL CLASSICS. Harper & Row, Various Prices

Harper’s paperback series are burgeoning at such a rate that it is well-nigh impossible to keep up with them. This series, which will be published simultaneously in hardcover and in paper covers, is described by Harper as “a comprehensive library of the world’s greatest literature at the lowest prices possible.” Most of the books will also contain a biography of the author, a bibliography and an introduction. The first batch of 31 titles will appear in September. They will be followed at the rate of four new volumes each month. Of the first 31 titles, all are in the public domain or have been otherwise available in paperback.