Explorer Books

Publisher: Viking Press

Years: 1960-1961

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More Information

Viking Explorer Books: New Paperbound Science Line, Publishers Weekly, Dec. 28, 1959, at 48 ("Explorer Books are essentially planned, however, to meet the demand of teachers and librarians for books of adult content that can be enjoyed by young people.")

Ad, PW, Jan. 4, 1960, at 2-3.

Photo, PW, Jan. 25, 1960, at 192 (photo showing a 24-book display rack for Explorer Books).

VIKING, PW, Feb. 22, 1960, at 60:

VIKING has just announced the editorial advisory board for its new line of paperbound science reprints, Explorer Books (PW Dec. 28, 1959), which make their first appearance in March. It will consist of: Harrison Brown, professor of geochemistry at the California Institute of Technology; Hilary J. Deason, director of the science library program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; and John R. Saunders, chairman of the department of public instruction of the American Museum of Natural History.