Waymark Books

Publisher: Doubleday Books

Years: 1967-1968

Related Series: Echo Books, Image Books

Doubleday to Introduce Protestant Paperback Line, PW, Feb. 27, 1967, at 88-89.

Ad, PW, June 19, 1967, at 111:

Experienced booksellers will recognize How to Become a Bishop Without Being Religious, Peace With God, The Galileans, and the five other books listed at the right as familiar, proven titles. Now they are together in a new format, the first of a new series. Larger than most paperbacks (5 1/2" x 8 1/4"), printed in big, "hardcover" type, with colorful, laminated covers, Doubleday's new Waymark Books are medium-priced, high-quality editions you'll recommend to readers looking for permanent enjoyment and inspiration.

Sally Wecksler, PUBLISHERS' WORLD 68/69 153 (1968):

These were in turn followed by Image Books, designed for readers with serious Catholic interests and Echo Books, a line for the more popular Catholic market. Waymark Books was created for Protestant readers.

Waymark Books