Liberal Arts Press Merges with Bobbs-Merrill, PW, Jan. 16, 1961, at 97:

The Liberal Arts Press, Inc., has been merged into the Bobbs-Merrill, Co., a subsidiary of Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc. Oskar Piest, who founded the Liberal Arts Press in 1948 and has been its president, will become a vice-president of Bobbs-Merrill and general editor of the new Liberal Arts Press Division of Bobbs-Merrill.

The Liberal Arts Press has specialized in publishing, for college courses, classics in the fields of philosophy, political science, history, religion and fine arts. It now has over 180 titles in print largely in paperback editions, but with many also available in cloth editions.

Ad, 209 THE SPECTATOR 487 (1962):


The list includes a growing selection of excellent college and university texts. . . . Liberal Arts Press, a Division of Bobbs-Merrill, has noted properties consisting of over 150 titles in “The Library of Liberal Arts,” “The American Heritage Series,” and “The Library of Literature”--books used in more than 2000 classrooms in 800 colleges and universities.

Hiram Haydn, WORDS & FACES (HBJ 1974),