Scribner Library

Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons

Years: 1960-1979

Related Series: Scribner School / Student Paperbacks

ISBN format: 0-684-xxxxx-c

Within the Scribner Library, there were a number of sub-series:

    • Books for Young Readers -- young adult titles

    • Contemporary Classics -- recent classics of literature

    • Emblem Editions -- practical and entertaining books on popular subjects like gardening, cooking and domestic arts, and mathematical recreations

    • First Editions -- books by new authors that appeared in cloth and paper simultaneously

    • Headline Editions -- books on current issues

    • Illustrated Classics -- classic literature illustrated by artists like N.C. Wyeth, Maxfield Parrish, and Ethel Francis Butts

    • Lyceum Editions -- authoritative titles in religion, science, history, literary criticism, and other areas

    • Omnibus Volumes -- treasuries, readers, and collected volumes

    • Scribner Garden Library -- titles by gardening expert Jack Kramer

There were at least 2 box sets that collected SL titles:

    • Galsworthy (SL3, SL206, SL207, SL208, SL209, & SL210)

    • Churchill -- Marlborough (SL270, SL271, SL272, & SL273)

Evidently, the series numbering ended with the 1979 titles -- and possibly with SL 900, a nice even number. After 1979, only ISBNs identify titles in Scribner Library ads.

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In 1960 the firm launched the Scribner Library, a series of paperback reprints from its rich backlist in fiction, belles-lettres, and religion. These books sold widely, particularly in colleges, and soon became one of the firm's most profitable ventures.

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