Studies in Psychology

Publisher: Random House

Years: 1956-1968

Continues: Papers in Psychology (1954-1955)

Related Series: Random House Studies

Random House took over publication of three series from Doubleday in 1956 (Papers in Psychology, Short Studies in Political Science, and Short Studies in Sociology), rebranding them as Random House series and republishing many of the earlier titles (see Random House Acquires Doubleday's Textbook Dept., 168 PW 1553 (Oct. 1, 1955)).

Frank L. Schick, THE PAPERBOUND BOOK IN AMERICA 90 (Bowker 1958) ("[In 1954] Doubleday brought out its 'Short Studies,' a pamphlet series of supplementary text material, which was changed to regular paperback format when it was purchased by Random House in 1955.")

Frank L. Schick, THE PAPERBOUND BOOK IN AMERICA 215-16 (Bowker 1958) ("In August, 1955, Random House took over the College Textbook Department of Doubleday and incorporated fifty titles which were involved in this transfer into the operations of its own college department. Among the materials acquired were the series of 'Short Studies' in sociology, political science and psychology.")