Rinehart Editions

Publisher: Rinehart & Co. (1948-1960); Holt, Rinehart and Winston (1960-1973)

Years: 1948-1973

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Rinehart Editions were initially sold exclusively in college bookstores at a discount and duplicated many of the Modern Library’s titles, which were in the public domain. See the discussion of the role Rinehart Editions played in driving Random House into creating Modern Library College Editions in Jay Satterfield, THE WORLD'S BEST BOOKS 156-57 (2002). See also Modern Library Introduces 65-Cent College Editions, 157 PW 1896 (Apr. 29, 1950) (noting the similarities between the two series) and Various Trends Among the Hard-Cover Series, 157 PW 2708, 2709 (June 24, 1950) (stating that the "new Modern Library College Editions . . . are frankly intended to meet Rinehart's competition with the regular Modern Library.")

Between the first issues and 1961, Rinehart Editions had subdued but colored covers without graphic representations. See New Discounts and Jackets for Rinehart Editions, PW, Apr. 17, 1961, at 33-34:

Until now, Rinehart Editions jackets have been uniformly typographical and subdued in tone. The new jackets will replace the old ones on books already in the series as new printings of the various titles are ordered.


RINEHART, PW, Jan. 31, 1948, at 636-637 (announcing the new Rinehart Editions series of paperbound classics from Rinehart's college department.)

The series of classics will be known as Rinehart Editions, the first title of which will be Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter," priced at 50 cents, and issued in standard size.

Regular Trade Discount Set for Rinehart Editions, PW, June 24, 1950, at 2736-2737.

Rinehart Editions