Evergreen Target Books

Publisher: Grove Press

Years: 1960-1961

Related Series: Evergreen Books, Evergreen Cartoon Books, Evergreen Pilot Books, Evergreen Profile Books

Only 2 titles were evidently released in this line, although more were planned. Robert S. de Ropp's "Man Against Aging" was set for publication as a Target Book on August 21, 1961 (see PW, June 19, 1961, at 83) but was instead released January 1962 as a Black Cat Book (BC11, see PW, Jan. 22, 1962, at 42). Robert L. Heilbroner's "The Future as History" was also planned for September 1961 release as a Target Book (see PW, June 19, 1961, at 65) but was published instead in the main Evergreen line as E-324 in September 1961.

More Information

Evergreen Target Books: New Grove Press Series, PW, Aug. 15, 1960, at 29-30 (announcing "a new series of paperbacks devoted to current events of national or world significance.")

Image in Paperbacks, PW, Nov. 21, 1960, at 33 (showing a pre-pack holding 15 copies of T-1, "Revolt in the South," published October 31, 1960).