Critical Essays in English and American Literature

University Press: University of Pittsburgh Press

Years: 1957-

Related Series:

Paperback Series Launched by University of Pittsburgh, PW, Mar. 18, 1957, at 41.

UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH PRESS, PW, Feb. 24, 1958, at 47 (announcing that the series will be transferred from short discount to trade discount).

CRITICAL ESSAYS, PW, July 15, 1963, at 74 (announcing that the a new series, Critical Essays in Modern Literature, will launch in September 1963 and has developed out of the former Critical Essays in English and American Literature series).

1. Mary Cooper Robb - William Faulkner: An Estimate of His Contribution to the Modern American Novel (1957)

2. Harry J. Mooney - The Fiction and Criticism of Katherine Ann Porter (1957)

3. Jane Wygal - The Fiction of Elizabeth Bowen (1958?)

4. Frederick Landis Gwynn - The Fiction of J.D. Salinger

7. Edward Russell Carson - The Fiction of John O'Hara (1961)