Wing Books

Publisher: Falcon's Wing Press

Years: 1955

Related Series:

Falcon's Wing Press to Publish Paperback Series, 168 PW 708-709 (Aug. 20, 1955) (announcing that Falcon's Wing would launch Wing Books with 7 Arts Number Three, the third issue of a publication previously published in Doubleday's Permabooks line).

PW, Aug. 20, 1955, at 745-746:

WING BOOKS, a new line of 95-cent paperbacks for the regular book trade will be launched in the fall by the Falcon’s Wing Press of Indian Hills, Colorado, with the release of “7 Arts, Number 3.” The first two volumes of “7 Arts” appeared as Permabooks, but the series was discontinued when Doubleday gave up its Permabook division. At least one other title will be released before the end of the year and all Wing Books will be simultaneously published as hardbound editions. The publisher has announced that it will publish only non-fiction, with emphasis on scholarly works of potentially popular interest. (See also page 708.)

Ad, 168 PW 1080 (Sept. 17, 1955) (announcing Wing Books and listing the two known titles in the series).