American Book Publishing Record

Years: 1960-

Frequency: monthly, annual cumulative, quinquennial cumulative, retrospective cumulatives

Use: record of books published in the U.S. during various periods

Fairly complete record of books published in the U.S. Annotations are drawn from the weekly lists in Publishers Weekly but arranged by subject according to the Dewey Decimal System. Publications are also indexed by author and title.

Since 1965, ABPR has cumulated in an annual edition that collects the monthly ABPR listings. There have also been quinquennial cumulations (1960-1964, 1965-1969, & 1970-1974) that were superseded by American Book Publishing Record Cumulative 1950-1977: An American National Bibliography (15 vols., 1978). Two years later another retrospective cumulation was published: American Book Publishing Record Cumulative, 1876-1949: An American National Bibliography (15 vols., 1980).

More Information

PW Announces Expansion of "Weekly Record" Services, PW, Nov. 9, 1959, at 23 ("The listings that have appeared in the Weekly Record will be cumulated monthly, arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification number, indexed by author and title, and issued in a new monthly publication to be called The American Book Publishing Record. ")

The First Monthly Issue, PW, Deb. 29, 1960, at 23 (notice about publication of first monthly Book Publishing Record, accumulating January 1960's "Weekly Record" announcements).