Apex Books

Publisher: Abingdon Press

Years: 1957-1972?

Related Series: --

Interesting series numbering. Titles were released in separate series (usually corresponding to fall/spring releases) that had numbers based on successive letters, A-Z and then AA-AN or so. For example, spring 1957 Apex Books were A1-A8 and fall 1957 titles were B1-B6. This practice lasted until 1968, when the sequential numbers were dropped in favor of the title's price. For instance, there were two titles numbered AC-145 ($.145) in 1968, one numbered AC-275 ($2.75), and another numbered AC-295 ($2.95). Once this practice started, it became less common to find references to the series numbers, so it was difficult to find most titles from 1968-1972 (series AC through AN). Thus the listing of Apex Books between 1968-1972 is incomplete.

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