Insight Books

Publisher: D. Van Nostrand

Years: 1961-1969

Related Series: Anvil Books, Momentum Books, Searchlight Books

More Information

Insight Books: New Van Nostrand Paperbacks, PW, Sept. 19, 1960, at 26-27 (announcing October 30 release of new Insight Books series).

Ad, PW, Sept. 17, 1962, at 13 (showing an Insight Books logo and listing titles #9-12).

From the back of No. 14, Primate Social Behavior:


Insight Books are devoted to filling a vital need in the efficient study of human behavior. By making available, in paperback, essential materials that are frequently inaccessible or often neglected in a more expensive form, the Insight Series renders a valuable service to students, teachers, and interested laymen. Drawn from psychology and its allied fields, the bulk of the books published will deal with the following categories: 1) studies of enduring problems in psychology through original sources; 2) selections from their own works by contemporary behavioral scientists; and 3) authoritative discussions of timely, even controversial, issues.