Forum Books

Publisher: World Publishing Company

Years: 1963

Related Series: Living Age Books, Meridian Books, Meridian Fiction, Meridian Giants, Meridian Library

More Information

Ad, PW, Jan. 21, 1963, at 33 (announcing the first 10 books for March). 

World Pub. Co. Starting New Paperback Series, PW, Feb. 4, 1963, at 70:

FORUM BOOKS, a new library-size paperback series, will be launched by the World Publishing Company with 10 titles on March 29. Forum Books will be titles of general interest, fiction and nonfiction. They will be produced, World says, "according to quality paperback standards." They will be printed in large type on good paper, with sewn bindings. They will measure 5 1/3x8 inches. Prices of the first 10 run from $1.55 to $2.25. (World originally used the name Forum Books for a line of top-notch, $1, hard-bound reprints, which were launched in 1942 and later succumbed to paperback competition; PW, May 14, 1955.)