Triangle Books

Publisher: Blue Ribbon Books (1938-1939); Doubleday (1939-1948)

People: Eugene Reynal, Freeman Lewis, Robert De Graff

Years: 1938-1948

Related Series: Permabooks

Low-priced (39 cents) hardcover reprint series issued by Blue Ribbon Books in 1938. Purchased by Doubleday in 1939, the line continued along successfully until a price increase (49 cents) in 1942 and another in 1947 (59 cents). Shortly after a price reduction in 1948 (49 cents) effected by a change in materials, the line was discontinued and replaced by Doubleday's Permabooks, which itself changed format from boards to paper within a couple years.

More Information

Blue Ribbon Plans Fiction Reprints at Thirty-Nine Cents, PW, Jan. 2, 1938, at 48-49 ("The new series is being undertaken with the knowledge that it can be continued only if the books succeed in reaching the potential mass market available in this country.")

Hodge Sales Manager for Blue Ribbon, PW, Jan. 22, 1938, at 313-314, 314 ("Freeman Lewis, who has until the present acted as sales manager for the organization, will now devote his entire time to editorial and special contact work for all the Reynal and Hitchcock and Blue Ribbon activities. Mr. Lewis is very busy with Triangle Books, the new line of 39-cent reprints;")

Ad, PW, Feb. 5, 1938, at [19-21] (three-page spread describing the series).

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