American Heritage Series

Publisher: Liberal Arts Press (1954-1961); Bobbs-Merrill (1961-1975)

Years: 1954-1975

Related Series: Library of Liberal Arts, Library of Religion

According to PTLA, AHS 1 was published in 1954 by the Liberal Arts Press, although PTLA also says AHS 5 was published in 1953. Maybe the titles were published out of order?

It appears that Bobbs-Merrill-published titles probably started with AHS 24, although it appears that subsequent titles were published out of order as well (e.g., AHS 31 came out in 1973 but AHS 32 in 1966).

More Information

Liberal Arts Press Merges with Bobbs-Merrill, Publishers Weekly, Jan. 16, 1961, at 97:

The Liberal Arts Press, Inc., has been merged into the Bobbs-Merrill, Co., a subsidiary of Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc. Oskar Piest, who founded the Liberal Arts Press in 1948 and has been its president, will become a vice-president of Bobbs-Merrill and general editor of the new Liberal Arts Press Division of Bobbs-Merrill.

The Liberal Arts Press has specialized in publishing, for college courses, classics in the fields of philosophy, political science, history, religion and fine arts. It now has over 180 titles in print largely in paperback editions, but with many also available in cloth editions.

Ad in 1974 Program of the Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association:


Covering the entire sweep of American history, this

unique series draws its material entirely from primary

sources. Skillful annotation and interpretive introductions

add to the vitality of these works and contribute to the

cohesive character of the series.