Clarion Books

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Years: 1967-1972

ISBN format: 0-671-02xxx-c

Related Series: --

Simon & Schuster was a latecomer to the branded paperback series phenomenon. The series used a CL- prefix up to CL 028 (1968), after which S&S switched to using a portion of the newly-introduced Standard Book Number (SBN) as a series indicator. While the series numbers were roughly sequential, they were not continuous, resulting in runs of sequential numbers with gaps that were likely filled by non-Clarion titles. After 1969, S&S seems to have dropped the series numbers altogether; therefore, I'm only including titles through 1969, as titles after that only carry the Clarion logo and name. Although the SBNs from 1970 on still reflect a loose series idea, they're difficult to identify and list in a thorough manner.

More Information

Clarion Books: New S&S Paperback Imprint, Publishers Weekly, June 5, 1967, at 148.

Ad, PW, Oct. 9, 1967, at 12-13 (listing first 16 titles).