Dutton Paperbacks

Publisher: E.P. Dutton & Co.

Years: 1957-1984

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ISBN format: 0-525-47xxx-c

First marketed as Dutton Everyman Paperbacks. Of the first ten titles published, half were drawn from the American Everyman's Library and half from Dutton's back list.

More Information

Dutton Everyman Paperbacks To Be Launched This Fall, PW, June 10, 1957, at 39.

Ad, Publishers Weekly, June 10, 1957, at 42-43.

Robert McCormack, Recent Paperbacks, ? TAMARACK REV. 97 (1957?):

Since I last took a look in these pages at the mushroom world of the paperback reprints, three new publishers have begun operations with a total production so far of forty books. The American half of the combination of J.M. Dent and E.P. Dutton, which gave the world the Everyman’s Library, has brought out the first ten titles of Dutton Everyman Paperbacks. . . .

Frank L. Schick, THE PAPERBOUND BOOK IN AMERICA 195 (1958):

In September 1957 the first ten titles of “Dutton Everyman Paperbacks” appeared. The books are reprints of substantial fiction and nonfiction works along the same line as Grosset & Dunlap's "Universal Library," but smaller in format and more attractively designed. Prices are from ninety-five cents to $1.95. Titles include Axel Munthe, ‘The Story of San Michele,’ Marchette Chute, 'Shakespeare of London,' Van Wyck Brooks, 'The Flowering of New England,’ P. A. Sorokin, ‘The Crisis of Our Age.’