MGM Library of Film Scripts

Publisher: Viking Press

Years: 1972

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PW, May 29, 1972, at 34:

THE MGM LIBRARY OF FILM SCRIPTS: A Series. Viking, $2.25 each; cloth $5.95

We want to applaud this series of film books, having in hand the first three (“Ninotchka,” “North by Northwest” and “Adam’s Rib”) and an advance look at three which will be out in July: “Singin’ in the Rain,” “A Night at the Opera,” and “A Day at the Races.” The publisher has wisely seen fit not to gimmick up the scripts with extraneous notes or reminiscences, the black-and-white covers with sprocket-holes down the side are perfect, and the scripts themselves are among the best of their era. Footnotes tell how the finished film differed from the shooting script, and any buff or film student can learn more from these classics than he might at the feet of all the critics and experts writing today. Bravo, and lots more to come.