Dial Press

2018 - Whitney Fick takes over as editorial director of the Dial Press from Susan Kamil under a new tagline: "books driven by the heart"

2010 - Susan Kamil is named publisher of Random House, continuing on in her role as editor-in-chief of the Dial Press

1995 - The Dial Press issues its first new titles since having been closed by Doubleday in 1985

1993 - Dell president Carole Baron, wife of former Dial head Richard W. Baron, revives the Dial Press with Susan Kamil as editorial director, intending to list its first titles early in 1995

1985 - Doubleday phases out the Dial Press, publishing its fall list as scheduled but closing the firm at the end of 1985

1983 - Dell moves Dial Press to Doubleday headquarters, amid across-the-board staff reductions, including five out of the twenty positions at Dial

1976 - when Doubleday purchases Dell Publishing Company, it sells the children's division of the Dial Press to E.P. Dutton, later purchased by New American Library, which in turn became part of the Penguin Group, a division of Pearson plc

1969 - Dell Publishing Company acquires full ownership in the Dial Press, buying out Richard W. Baron's 40% ownership stake, and plans to run the Dial Press as an independent imprint

1968 - Dell Publishing Company declines to renew its 5-year management contract with Richard W. Baron as a result of a dispute over stock ownership of the Dial Press

1963 - Dell Publishing Company acquires 60% ownership in the Dial Press, with head Richard W. Baron retaining a 40% interest in the firm

1959 - After president George W. Joel dies suddenly on Apr. 28, 1959, Richard W. Baron, a director of the Dial Press since 1958, is named head of the firm on July 22, 1959

1951 - George W. Joel, having managed the Dial Press for the past two years, acquires the interest in the firm formerly held by Burton C. Hoffman, who had spent the past two years on leave of absence from the company and who retired from active involvement in the Dial Press, in late 1951

1938 - Burton C. Hoffman, head of Knight Publishers, purchases the Dial Press from Max Salop and begins publishing under the Dial imprint in fall 1938

1933 - Max Salop purchases the Dial Press at auction, held to satisfy the Dial Press's creditors, in November 1933; the old stockholders of the Dial Press arranged with Salop to continue the Dial Press's operations

1933 - Dial Press founder and head Lincoln Macveagh becomes U.S. ambassador to Greece and resigns from his role at Dial in summer 1933

1924 - A distinct firm separate from Dial Publishing Company, issuers of The Dial, the Dial Press, under the sole direction of Lincoln MacVeagh, publishes its first titles in fall 1924

1923 - Lincoln MacVeagh founds The Dial Press, Inc., with his college acquaintance Scofield Thayer, editor and part owner of The Dial magazine, in December 1923


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