Archives: Thomas Y. Crowell Publishers Records, 1926-1963, Syracuse University Libraries, Special Collections Research Center,

1980 - Harper & Row merges its Lippincott & Crowell adult trade operations into its Harper & Row adult trade publishing division, with most such books being published under the Harper & Row imprint, on Mar. 26, 1980

1979 - Harper & Row combines the adult trade departments of Lippincott and Crowell into a single unit as Lippincott & Crowell on Feb. 13, 1979

1977 - Harper & Row acquires Thomas Y. Crowell Co., along with the former Intext companies John Day and Abelard-Schuman as well as some Funk & Wagnalls dictionaries and other reference works (Harper is allowed to use the name "Funk & Wagnalls" on titles currently in print with the consent of Funk & Wagnalls, Inc., but has no rights to the name), on Apr. 25, 1977

1974 - Thomas Y. Crowell Co. purchases assets of the New York division of Intext Publishers Group, specifically inventory and author contracts of the John Day Co., Abelard-Schuman Ltd., Criterion Books, Intext Educational Publishers, and Chandler Publishing Co.; of these, the first three are integrated into the Crowell trade department and the latter two become part of the T.Y. Crowell College Division, both divisions of Dun-Donnelley Publishing Co.

1972 - Corinthian Broadcasting Corp. transfers Funk & Wagnalls trade books to Dun-Donnelley Publications Corp. in January 1972, meaning both Funk & Wagnalls and Thomas Y. Crowell Co. are part of Dun-Donnelley Publications now

1971 - Dun & Bradstreet, Inc., creates a new book division called Dun-Donnelley Publications Corp., which includes Thomas Y. Crowell Co.

1971 - Standard Reference Library, Inc. acquires Funk & Wagnalls from Reader's Digest Association, changes its name to Funk & Wagnalls, and appoints T.Y. Crowell Co. exclusive agent for trade sales of Funk & Wagnalls Books in January 1971

1968 - Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. acquires Thomas Y. Crowell Company, as a wholly-owned subsidiary on Nov. 15, 1968

1937 - Thomas Y. Crowell's grandson, Robert L. Crowell, succeeds his father as president of the Thomas Y. Crowell Company

1915 - Thomas Y. Crowell dies, after which his son T. Irving Crowell takes over as the company's president

1900 - Thomas Y. Crowell merges his Boston-based bindery operations with his New York-based publishing operations at a new location in New York

1875 - Thomas Y. Crowell purchases the stereotypes of Warren & Wyman and continues their publishing business in New York as Thomas Y. Crowell Company in December 1875

1870 - Thomas Y. Crowell purchases Bradley's bindery from Bradley's widow and runs it as his own bindery firm (Obituary, PW, Aug. 7, 1915, at 385)

1862 - Thomas Y. Crowell assumes charge of Benjamin Bradley's bindery business (Obituary, PW, Aug. 7, 1915, at 385)

1834 - Benjamin Bradley begins a bookbindery business

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